Business Principles

Shivom Bag House prides itself as a leading bag manufacturing and wholesale company. Today, we are leaders because we make things happen that would not happen without us. We are driven to create, model & catalyze excellence. We do not maintain. We do not play the victim. We take the initiative to do whatever it takes to make a significant and positive difference. We have more opportunities to do this today than ever.

We remain rooted to our company philosophy that reflects in all aspects of our work. Value-driven entrepreneurship welded with social welfare remains a core motive in our corporate culture as well as life. The operating strategy and organizational culture of SBH are built on a set of overriding principles subscribed by each member of our team and designed to put the client’s interest first. This philosophy optimizes results for our customers, builds relationships and is central to our long-term success. The morals and values on which we work are highly professional and distinctive to keep our customers on winning track. These can be measured by our professional ethics.

All our efforts are upheld by nine pillars:

Clarity of purpose
Right direction leads to right goal, efficiently and effectively

Communication that, as a two-way process, informs, guides, mentors, warns and expresses

Value for Money
Undulating effort to deliver more than promised… to cherish every association

To reduce the time lag in execution of any process and completion of all the required deliverables. Patient in thought, prompt in action.

Innovation and Insight
Only as deep as we look, can we see; Only as high as we reach, can we grow

Confidentiality and Integrity
Beyond honesty in thought and spirit

Certainly able to fulfill customer’s needs and anticipate his requirements thanks to our commitment to meticulous planning and understanding the needs.

Clear and transparent in terms of strategies, deliverables and output

Long-lasting relationships are nothing but those that are built on trust. Our commitment to both earning and sustaining customer’s faith in us keeps alive our goals and the SBH name, one that is synonymous with reliability.

These pillars form the very core of the SBH ethos. They drive our efforts towards ensuring the delivery of the product our customer expects and thereby securing his satisfaction.