Many of India's leading groups have turned to Shivom Bag House for their bulk requirements of bags and purses. Today we have over 500+ enchanted clients across the country. Our clientele includes both national and multi-national groups that have reached our shores with their requirement for exquisite products. Today world is a global village and India is a growing hub for manufacturing activities. We at SBH recognize the need to offer the same level of professionalism and service that is de facto in the international arena.

Coming from a long heritage that draws its roots in the tradition of the united Indian family and community, we add that unique flavor to our work that is reminiscent of Eastern hospitality and warmth. We build trusted, long-term relationships with our clients by focusing on exemplary professionalism, innovative thinking and measurable results. Bringing the global and the local together is not our prerogative and yet we at SBH find ourselves at the juxtaposition of established industry and enterprising entrepreneurship, nurturing both with equal ease and élan. As a bag manufacturing firm, we believe that we are responsible and play an important role as an ancillary industry to the manufacturing sector that powers our burgeoning economy.

Naming our clientele is akin to re-creating the yellow pages of business listings. Needless to say that we are here to stay and adhering to our principles of personalized attention and customized solutions, we will walk towards the future to serve your needs in whatever capacity you require. Whether you are a home-grown firm or an international enterprise, SBH is your sole point of contact for all your needs of bags, purses and related products.