Shivom Bag House has a team of strategic production and design experts. SBH is a limited company with a fully-integrated, dedicated management team that handles requirements with absolute professionalism. The Company’s senior team has a combined work experience of more than 100 years with leading MNCs of the country. This translates into a better understanding of corporate needs and provides SBH the edge to service clients more effectively.

The team is multi-disciplinary, comprising of exceptional professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience in areas such as product development, management, engineering, design etc. SBH’s significant on-ground presence, understanding of needs, production expertise and range of complementary skills is what sets us apart from other firms in the rapidly evolving bag manufacturing industry.

Today's changing manufacturing dynamics and the volatile world in which our industry operates require knowledge and intelligence to create competitive advantage like never before. With the complex procedures involved in customized manufacturing, it is important to stay abreast of the new and upcoming changes in the realm. As a leading & focused bag manufacturing company we understand that innovation is cornerstone of our success. And we strongly believe that Innovation is achieved mainly through research.

SBH’s industry-leading research group delivers market analysis and insights that drive value in bag production decisions. Covering major markets around the globe, our dedicated research professionals combine timely, accurate local market data and the street-level scope with macro economic, demographic and industry sector views. We produce bags with a sophisticated and unique assessment of market opportunities and challenges.

Armed with advanced analytical tools, external and internal data tracking systems and in-depth knowledge from our broad manufacturing platform, our team produces best-in-class products at the national, metro and submarket levels.